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When was the last time you stopped?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

A few days ago I was walking in the woods with my daughters and my 2 year old insisted we all stop and lay down.

It was really special to take the time to look up at the sky and listen to the birds.

It was good to rest for a moment. To stop doing and just be.

It's all to easy to move through our days without rest. Often we don't even know how. We jump from one task to the next feeling like we're only succeeding if we're getting more stuff done. Our culture doesn't value rest enough, stillness is overlooked and often seen as weakness.

When we rest is when we recover. The pause between tasks is so necessary to be truely productive. When we rest we move out of the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight mode/the stress response) into our parasympathetic nervous system, here is where we recover, heal and integrate our experiences. How can we expect ourselves to deal with what life throws at us and keep on working and moving if we never take the time to take stock of what's come before? Rest is a good space to be in and by tapping into this part of ourselves we open ourselves up to being happier, healthier and far better at all the things we do in our lives.

Yoga nidra or yogic sleep is the perfect practice to help teach your body how to wind down and rest. During yoga nidra we move into a conscious state between awake and asleep, once here we systematically move through the different levels of ourselves bringing in deep rest and relaxation. The benefits of this practice are many and there's an ever growing body of scientific evidence showing numerous ways yoga nidra can support us to be happier and healthier. Yoga nidra is an accessible meditation practice, often people find it much easier to engage with and sink into than other types of meditation. Generally yoga nidra is practiced laying down meaning physical limitations aren't a distraction and the exercise is often far more comfortable and enjoyable than seated meditation. When practiced regularly and with awareness yoga nidra can bring about a significant amount of peace in your life in a short space of time.

Join me every Monday for the Good Sleep Club. Half an hour of blissful yoga nidra relaxation coming straight to your home from mine, 8:30-9pm and only £3.50.

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