• Georgina Huggins

Do You Smudge?

I used to think than smudging, and many activities like it, were a bit weird and probably a waste of time. I didn't see how waving some smoke would clean anything. But despite that I was still pretty drawn to the idea of it, it seemed like something I wanted to try and the idea of it felt good. And it smells good too.

A while ago I realised that it really doesn't matter whether sage smoke will actually cleanse or palo santo will invite in good vibes. What matters is how you feel when you do it. Purely engaging in a ritual and having the intention of making it a sacred act is enough. The act of bringing sacredness into your day can have a profound effect on how you feel and how you move through life from then on.

Your intention is everything. Whether you're smudging with sage smoke or simply dancing round your kitchen your actions can either be nourishing you and the world around you or they can be causing harm. Maybe not the big obvious harms but if you're even subtly bringing in the bad vibes it grinds you down over time and it effects everything around you.

Bring in the high vibes. Make every movement you make an act of ritual and sacredness so that you raise up the vibrations with in you and around you. How you feel when you do something is what really matters and that is what shines through. You see it everyday in the people you meet. If the person that serves you in a shop is feeling the good vibes you walk away from that interaction feeling better but if they're having a bad day that seeps out too.

We are not seperate beings in this world and how we move, inside and out, has a deep and lasting effect on everything around us.

Making time for deeper ritual is important and useful too. If you can find even a few moments a day or some time once a week to dedicate to some sacred ritual you will find yourself connecting to the higher place with in yourself. You'll start to see the magic in life around you and you'll be helping to form habits that mean it's easy to feel that sacredness in everything you do in your day to day. It could be something as simple as taking a few mindful deep breaths before you start your day, a quiet walk in nature or maybe light a candle and chant a mantra. Any time that is spent consciously engaging with sacredness is time well spent and you'll come away feeling better for it.

And of course your yoga or meditation practice is a perfect place to bring in the sense of sacred engagement with life.

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