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Are you good at Yoga?

Are you good at yoga?

I really don't like this question but it's something I've been asked more times that I can count.

Did you turn up? Yes? Then you are good at yoga.

Did you stumble and lose your balance? Of course, we all do. Did you keep going and try again? Then you're good and yoga.

Can you touch your toes or contort yourself into crazy postures? Who bloody cares! That's not really yoga.

Whether you've been practicing for 10 minutes or 10 years you'll find things that you can do easier and some that are hard. And that will be different on different days. Sometimes you'll fall and struggle to get in to a posture just like I did in this picture. But if you can smile and enjoy the journey (or maybe even not some times), or even if the journey feels hard but you keep present and keep going, then you're good at yoga.

Yoga is being present.

It is in your intention.

It's listening to yourself and knowing when to slow down and when to push on.

It's sitting with discomfort.

It's loving yourself and being kind.

It's knowing when to move and when to be still.

It's knowing that all of these things take practice and that by simply turning up you are getting better at them.

It's doing your best to enjoy the journey, good times and bad.

It's realising that there is no destination, that life is right here in this moment and it's through having presence in the now that we get to live our best lives.

If you turn up to the mat and do your best to be present with yourself, mind, body and soul, then you're good at yoga.

It doesn't matter one bit what you look like or how many times you fall. It's keeping going that will make you feel good and that is all that matters.

So don't let ideas of being good or not stop you turning up and finding your best self.

And of course I'm always here to help you find that happy place where yoga and you and life come together. Click here to find out more about what classes I have on offer.

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